Our Privacy Policy

We believe privacy is important and we respect yours. So our goal is to make sure that we don’t break your trust when you use our apps.

General information
This policy sets out our privacy practices and explains how we handle the information we collect when you use our app, products, and content.
Note: We don’t collect anything when you use our sticker apps.

What we may collect
Our app does not collect any information from you.

Email from us
We won’t send you any emails as we don’t have any way to know your email address when you are using the app. Unless of course, you decide to send us an email, we will definitely try our best to reply back ASAP.

Disclosure of your information
Our app does not collect any information and does not disclose any information to others.

We don’t have any cookies enabled in this app.

Data Storage
We don’t store any data about you or the way you have used the app.

App Purchase
When you purchase our stickers whether as a paid app or in-app purchase, it is non-consumable and yours forever to enjoy. This means that you can restore your purchases anytime at the App Store. We don’t collect any of your purchase information such as credit card, payment details, and more. 

Changes to this Policy
We may periodically update this Policy. If there are significant changes, we will think of ways to notify you such as placing the changes in our app description or sending you a notification via the app itself. The most current version of this policy will always be here.

If you have questions, concerns, and feedback about this policy or about your stickers, don’t hesitate to send us a message at team@tecsoftapps.com